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Clear Choice Chiropractic

                                                              We've got your back!

Granger Office

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Kolin Kramer was born and raised in Linton, Indiana where he was first introduced to chiropractic medicine. His sister babysat for the local chiropractor, so he has been enjoying the benefits of being a wellness patient from an early age. He went on to attend the University of Southern Indiana where he earned a degree in Biology, and was able to do a portion of his studies abroad at Harlaxton College in England. He spent the next 4 years in St. Louis, Missouri where he became Dr. Kramer after earning his DC from Logan University. He is also licensed in Missouri and has 5 years of experience practicing in Fulton, Missouri before moving back home to Indiana to run Clear Choice Chiropractic of Columbus. Outside the office Dr. Kolin is an avid outdoors-man and spends his free time shooting archery and fishing. He is a big IU basketball fan and looks forward to serving the community here in Columbus. He specializes in Gonstead Chiropractic which gives him a great system to analyze and treat his patients and he looks forward to working with you in our Columbus office.

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