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Interested in joining our team?

Associate Doctor and Preceptorship 

We are seeking the missing piece to our puzzle. Our strategically located clinics are growing and we need an Associate Doctor with a great personality that is coachable and has excellent communication skills. Our perfect Associate Doctor would appreciate our intimate communities that turn everyday errands at locally owned businesses into social experiences that foster relationships and patient growth. The Doctor would appreciate the opportunities that come with a low cost of living: ability to save for retirement and pay off student loans faster, take nice vacations, purchase a quality home for a lower price, etc. Whether you love outdoor adventures: hiking, sand dunes, skiing or are more of an inside enthusiast: museums, professional sporting events, wine tastings; we are located within an easy drive to many exciting cities and attractions. New graduates, Preceptorship Interns and Experienced Doctors that are looking for a change and want a competitive salary, training and regular coaching opportunities are encouraged to send resumes to

Licensed Massage Therapist

Looking for a licensed Massage Therapist that loves what they do and is willing to work with our team. Ideal candidate would enjoy working at marketing events, be professional at all times, hold high value to patient confidentiality, be a team player, comfortable with one on one interactions and have great customer service skills. If you love helping people and have a passion for massage therapy, email your resume and cover letter to

Why I chose Clear Choice Chiropractic?

The chiropractic profession is something I have always had a passion and interest for since the first time I received my first adjustment. Growing up in a small rural town, I always desired to live and work in a place with that small town feel. I have grown up being a patient in at Clear Choice Chiropractic until the day I decided to further my career as a chiropractic physician. Throughout the many years of schooling and training, I have seen a lot of different chiropractic philosophies and techniques. The one’s that fit my practice type and philosophy are the same as Clear Choice Chiropractic’s. I have seen patients have their lives changed drastically by deciding to receive chiropractic care at Clear Choice Chiropractic and it has always been my dream join a practice and provide the same type of care that Clear Choice Chiropractic offers their patients. I love waking up and going to work every day knowing that I get to be part of the best chiropractic team around these parts! I have a great time treating patients, and an even better time growing as a person and as a chiropractor!

Dr. Michael Jobe D.C.

What our customers are saying

“I could not walk, sit or stand and had severe pain in my hip and leg when i went to see Dr. Gaerke at Clear Choice Chiropractic. Since I started the treatments and the decompression table I can now walk, sit and stand without any pain. Dr. Gaerke takes time to explain and answer any questions you have. His personnel are friendly and seem to want to serve you. I would recommend Clear Choice Chiropractic to anybody.”

- William H

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