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Clear Choice Chiropractic in Portland, IN has been successfully treating thousands of back pain and neck pain patients for over 15 years. The original office was started by Dr. James Clear in 2001 and was purchased by Dr. Oakland Gaerke in 2008. Dr. Gaerke's natural approach to pain management and his commitment to finding and treating the root cause of that pain has made him the first choice for non-invasive care by patients in Jay and the surrounding counties.

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to get well naturally and to educate them on what we do so they in turn can educate others.

A natural approach to pain management and treatment has been a passion of Dr. Gaerke's since his teens. When he was sixteen, he asked his father to visit a respected, chiropractor in their community to see if he could find relief for his chest and arm pain. His father had been suffering for years, from a sharp, shooting pain that would start in his shoulder blade and radiate down his left arm and around to his chest. Medical doctors had prescribed an assortment of pain medications that had only resulted in side-effects and provided no relief. Within a month of undergoing treatment with the Chiropractic doctor, his father was able to function at 100% capacity without the use of any pain medications. What started as a passion for helping his father find a better solution for managing his health, has grown into a successful practice that has given him the opportunity to help thousands of patients find the same natural relief from pain.

Dr. Gaerke has mentored and added several, talented Chiropractic doctors and massage therapists to his staff so that he can continue to spread his natural, patient-focused treatment plans to serve a larger population. He also works professionally with like-minded members of the medical community that believe in the same Natural Approach to patient wellness care. Many of these doctors refer their patients, including their senior and juvenile patients to Clear Choice Chiropractic rather than have them face invasive procedures and a lifetime of dependency on addictive pain medications. Everyone at Clear Choice Chiropractic is committed to our purpose of helping patients get well naturally and educating them about their bodies and treatment options.

Call and schedule an appointment today, so that we can tailor a treatment plan to fit your individual needs!

Clear Choice Chiropractic - Portland Team 

Clear Choice Chiropractic is a proudly sponsors and serves our communities through a variety of organizations, including: 

  • Jay County Community Center Board Member
  • United Way Supporter
  • Chamber of Commerce Member: Jay, Blackford and City of Muncie
  • Wellness Care Lecture Speakers
  • High School Athletic Clinic Volunteers
  • Local Youth Sports Teams Sponsor
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